Sunday, August 25, 2013


Be like a Tree

Perhaps this is unnecessary but I have been told repeatedly that I worry way too much, that I am way "out there" when I spend time with my brain dead family members and can point out the Jews on TV instantly and the 60 Minutes propaganda showing the poor black child who was caught in gang fight gunfire in South Chicago, AKA Shit Can-go. Save every poor animal and starving child in Africa, and believe me I have a heart and it kills me to see any suffering at all because I am a White Aryan who has a heart. We naturally want to take care of people who are suffering because we are naturally far superior and naturally want to shepherd them. But as you all are aware we are killing ourselves doing this while being killed by illness internally!
Why I don't see more of a reaction that is grounded in reality I don't know. I really have to already do so much with so little that it really disgusts me that I see single White men, with great jobs and no children, doing  nothing really! I am not going to bash you but please for your own sake wake up! When Ragnarok begins and things fall apart will you have CBs? Ham Radios? Do you have a vehicle like an old Mercedes that can be run using Vegetable Oils? A generator? Mike Delaney at pointed out the necessity of becoming tech savvy and learning how to develop EMP guns! Do you know how to survive if you were dropped out in the woods tomorrow? Be honest with yourself! You do have a lot to learn and really do outdoors that you can do right now and learn. pointed out the benefits of extended families living together in the same home/s and pooling resources and creating a business network. How many of you know how to operate a business really? How many of you live online and read this as entertainment? Stop being scared of reality! I know it is bad but you are grounded already and you already have learned hard truth now learn to actually fight and live and survive! What else are you doing really? If you have any extra money or could if you prioritized your life more effectively and towards doing what you know you should be! DO IT!
"For a Tree to reach Heaven with its branches it must first touch hell with its roots."
Friedrich Nietzsche

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