Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why the Orthodox Churches are NO friend of Ours!

Today I want to start a series of posts that I really know a lot about and have affected me personally! When I was reading comments at other sites, notably at I would read comments and I am guilty of at times commenting and giving a false or too general impression about the Eastern Orthodox Churches when I am really talking about the people, the lay believers and not those organizations/corporations, but many of the comments were positive about the Orthodox and Rodney Martin who I generally like was saying that the Orthodox Churches are still traditional and not compromised by the Jews and that ROCOR publicly condemning Brother Nathaniel Kapner was them telling us openly that he's a Kike in a costume. The REALITY is that most westerners have no understanding or experience in Orthodoxy and they don't get it. On the outside you see a faith and parishes and the church and its Liturgy and you think WOW! they didn't liberalize their religion at all like the High Church Protestants and Catholics did to a massive degree during the '60's and '70's and on. They are so traditional and at odds with the modern corrupt world. Frankly I thought this before I converted to Eastern Orthodoxy in 2004 and today, after swimming in the morass of Church organizations searching for a "true" Church and parish, today I can tell you that this generally positive impression White Nationalists have of the Orthodox Churches like ROCOR and the Russian Patriarchate are nothing but a massive Crock of Horseshit! I don't blame them though and it is mostly hidden from the non-Orthodox people and countries but EVERY SINGLE mainstream Patriarchate or national Church corporation is compromised by Jews, Freemasons and Communists! That the current Patriarch and the last of the Moscow based Russian Orthodox Church were and are Jew Communist Agents is so easily found online and even admitted to that I don't need to prove it here! Just look it up!
Patriarch Demetrios, successor to Patriarch Athenagoras
both Freemasons

Patriarch Meletios Metaxakis 
(the Freemason who bought the Patriachate!)
Patriarch Meletios Metaxakis,
a Freemason, opened up the Church confederation of Patriarchates and Autocephalous National Churches to innovation and acceptance of and promotion of modernism and Liberalism! His actions led to the fragmentation and literal civil war between lay believers and even the Orthodox nations governments. The Orthodox Church of America was the totally Communist controlled American wing of the Russian Orthodox Church since 1970!
Orthodox Church of America made a deal with the Soviet Devil Bishop Nikodim of Leningrad
The mystery of his almost certain KGB murder by poisoning while meeting with the Pope is still speculated on.

Metropolitan Philip of the Antiochian/Syrian Orthodox Church and many others are fabulously wealthy and yet almost no Orthodox elementary let alone middle and high schools exist in America! When I attended a Liturgy at a Syrian Orthodox Church in Cedar Rapids Iowa I was shocked at how the young women dressed.  Big gold hoop ear-rings, spandex, mini-skirts, hair and make-up and perfume and, of course, no veil on their head which is a basic commandment from the New Testament, that women are to cover their head in Church, AT LEAST! We bow forward and touch the ground many times during the Liturgy, Service, after Crossing ourselves, instead of kneeling at appointed times, as the Catholics do, in the Orthodox Church.  As a man it is hard to focus when the young lady bowing forward in front of you has her spandex exposed or mini-skirt exposed derriere in your face. Naturally it is hard to focus when she smells incredibly good, looks seductive, is beautiful and has tight spandex on and she is right in front of you! I have a strong will but come on! Besides that traditionally Orthodox churches are to have the men stand on the right side of the church and the women on the left, which is another innovation that has been allowed to creep in over the past hundred years! But what is most disturbing is that even though Eastern Orthodox Churches were always Ethnic traditionally today there is almost total acceptance of race-mixing! I can't even get Father Matthew Raphael Johnson, who belongs to a Traditionalist/Old Calendarist Church that is not part of the mainstream at all!, I can't even get him to accept that Ethnos is Race! and that we can't have White American Orthodox parishes with non-Whites! Even though he talks so much about Ethnic and Nationalist Orthodox thought and leaders and history he is open to everybody which is totally the opposite of Ethnic Nationalist Orthodoxy as it was!
None of this is to say Fr.MRJ is a bad guy! Certainly he is a great priest and writer in my opinion. It is also not to say that there are no parishes or splinter factions or individual priests and bishops who are great and adhere to Tradition for the most part but they are extremely rare! But I decided to start writing about this to show and hopefully expose to White Nationalists that I can that the Orthodox Churches are NOT our friend and why! Golden Dawn has their priests and parishes and supporters from among them but how many bishops? Even Seraphim of Piraeus who I had high hopes for is condemning Golden Dawn it seems!
The more personal reason I have decided today, Sunday, to start writing these posts is because though I have already been a lapse Russian Orthodox Old Believer for a year now I am coming to the point of seeing and believing that the Christ I worshiped is not in the Body of the Church but is actually Kristos-Wotan-Krishna/Vishnu-Ius-Pater-Z-eus-Luci-fer calling in my very heart and blood. Now even as I write this my heart hurts a bit and I get a bit of fear in me that perhaps I will be eating my words in another year! I hope so! I want to believe that I can go to eternity in Heaven and that what I gave many years of my life to was worth it and that I have a faith with the means to help me understand and connect with the Truth, the True Lord and God-man King Christ but I just am starting to see more and more that so much I saw was not at all the Corporate entity and entities of the Church though I love community, Holy Communion, the Liturgy and taking part in it! Most people seem to hate community ritual and prayer but I loved the incense and Iconography and Ritual and the etiquette and pomp and ceremony! However even if I was not at this point in my life and Truth seeking and still saying an hour of set prayers in Church Slavonic bowing my head all the way to the ground every day several times, which I am not mocking! I would still write these posts I think because it needs to be exposed!
The REAL Racial Ethnic Nationalist Traditional Old Orthodox communities/parishes with that sense of Sobornost which is roughly translated as a community sense of spirit and love and common mind in the Spirit where there is a literal psychic connection with your fellow brethren in the Nation and parish community! These are very few in total population and in Russian they are mostly National Socialists and underground and yet, in a following post I will get to this exposure, I don't think any Orthodox Churches other than the Priested Old Believers after the time of the 17th Century can be said to be practicing and following True Orthodox Christianity whether they are traditional and Nationalist or not if they have accepted the Modernity laced into the liturgical reforms that came about then and following they are not REALLY being Traditional then!
I don't want us to view the Orthodox lay Christians and even individual priests, possibly some bishops, as our enemies and I would say around 15-25% of Orthodox Christians, I mean laity attending and belonging to the mainstream Orthodox churches, parishes, as well as, I think far more so, those who belong to the Old Believer, Old Calendarist/Anti-Soviet/Catacombite Churches which broke from the mainstream, in Russia and Eastern Europe are potential allies and many would accept our Worldview and if these people took back their nations governments and took back control of the mainstream Churches while still practicing this Reformed neo-Orthodoxy, which is still quite traditional I admit, while being very traditional otherwise and ridding all the Communist and Liberal Freemasonic innovations and spirit from the Church that I would be pleased and it would be great! Codreanu was doing just that and was very devoutly Romanian Orthodox.
I will leave you with this article which speaks for itself!

Old Believer praying in Ikon corner with lestovka
A True Orthodox Christian

Old Believer/ Archeodox Patriarch Alexander of Moscow

Old Believer Russian Orthodox Church in Gervais, Oregon
A Real Orthodox Church

St.Corneliu Codreanu
A Real Orthodox Christian

Old low resolution photo of me as the bearded Old Believer
(note: Old Believers are required to have beards!)


    Had you heard of this Man out of Interest
    police Informer Revolutionary and Zealot led a March to the Winter Palace
    For some reason he came to Mind

  2. Dear Sir,
    Yes! Anyone who looks into Gapon who is Jew wise immediately notices who saved his life! Rutenberg! What these Jews get up to! People in the west wonder why Slavs, especially Ukrainians, BelaRusyns, and Rusyns hate Jews almost instinctively. It is hundreds of years of finding a rat under every bed linen!
    Sorry! But I get particularly upset when I even smell this "man's" name creeping up! So many westerners see photos of the 1905 Revolution and the protest and they think they know! I feel sorry for the dupes who trusted the rat Gapon but beyond that I can only say that as highly as I regard St.Tsar Nicholas II he should have never agreed to the concessions he did in 1905 even from the viewpoint of an Old Believer it was already a gesture of weakness and surrender to "popular" Judaic led unrest. Beilis trial is something I hope all Aryan Nationalist have come to mind! I have tried to educate our brethren on the depth of the deception and evil and until you really know your history or at least understand what goes on today with our food and drinking water you have no idea! Demonic is not enough! Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson did some excellent podcasts when he was on Voice of Reason radio about what the Russian Empire could have been and was supposed to have been. I know he is wrong and fool-hardy over Putin but these lectures were near dead on!
    I am sorry that I have so little free time these days! I am trying to get a longer post done on "how it all began" with the "judaizer heresy" in Novgorod so long ago while also writing about how the corruption of Holy Rus with the Moscow Sobors of 1666 and 1667 really came about. At the very least, while I am no great admirer of him, remember Tsar Nicholas I stated publicly on the issue of Jewish Ritual Murder.
    Yet while so many good Orthodox laity rave about a Resurrection of Orthodox Russia they deny and are blind to the Jew! I shed tears over this many times but they are dry. It is unfortunately at the very least their fate. While the Moscow Soviet Patriarch Jew Kirill calls Old Calendarists like Fr.Matthew Raphael Johnson heretics and cuddles closer to his bed buddy Putin they continue to rave about Russia as some great opponent of the Judeo-West! It is maddening but reality is reality and Truth is Truth and other than that is of the Devil!