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Dear Reader, After nearly three months of nothing here I decided that I wanted to write a short bit about this phenomenon known as NSBM largely because with my personal discovery of the band Absurd and their song Germanien uber Alles along with coming across the more recent and still active band Der Sturmer through stumbling onto their website, a Greek band active in Golden Dawn who I am growing to like though I still seldom listen to much contemporary music at all and sadly don't get to listen to my favorite music being that of Debussy, Wagner, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, Massenet, and of course Beethoven and Mozart, along with a love for the Baroque composers. I still love Handel and Bach and yes that is very much connected to Christianity and Christian themes! Shoot me I like the Church Organ music! Ironically you do hear that kind of music occasionally as a background music Halloween ads because it does have a terrifying aspect to how it affects one hearing it. Also, I like and recommend people look into the Glass Armonica invented by Benjamin Franklin which really has an amazing affect hearing it that can be slightly disturbing while also moving! It was rather strange to me when I first listened to the Nu metal band from Iowa, Slipknot, and found myself liking it in high school as it was so different and strange for me of all people when I also for enjoyment listened to Mario Lanza and Frank Sinatra! I really still don't fully understand where my interest and liking for it comes from as I really tend to dislike most Rock n'Roll including Metal though I also like a lot of the songs by the 60's band the Doors with the organ music and Jim Morrison's haunting voice. I also always looked up to my two older brothers, from my fathers first marriage who grew up in Waterloo, IA with their mother and visited on the weekends. Both of my older brothers joined a Skinhead gang in the '90's and that brought Skinhead rock like Skrewdriver which I liked a bit but never got too deep into as at that time I really had little access to it. My small town was over twenty miles from any place that had CD and Cassette stores like Disc Jockey and Sam Goody and there were no independent record stores anywhere nearby, which of course are gone now, and at that time without access to those or enough money I seldom heard much music other than what could be got at the local library and even when visiting on occasion those mainstream record stores there was no Skinhead music of course! Okay, that is a personal background and maybe it gave some hints and advice on music for some readers? But back to Black Metal and the NS variety. My first encounter with Black Metal was through the printed word when I read "Lucifer Rising" a book by Gavin Baddeley and reading about the rise of this super dark-purist nihilist Satanic Metal AKA Norwegian or Scandinavian Black Metal though it was focused around events in Norway particularly the murder of Euronymous by Varg Vikernes. The book "Lords of Chaos" by Michael Moynihan of the band Blood Axis and Didrik Soderlind expanded upon this for me greatly but I really never got into the music or listened to it until recently. While I found it interesting that early on Norwegian Black Metal embraced a lot of "Nazi" symbology and a kind of extemist Nordic Racism it really would not be classified today as NSBM based on the bands that fit that label today. The band Absurd from Sonderhausen growing up in the former East Germany and growing up with bands who fit the label Skinhead/Oi, Rock Against Communism/R.A.C. and then Norwegian Black Metal particularly Varg Vikernes band Burzum. I will not get into the youthful satanic escapades of Absurd and the murder of Sandro Beyer but jump forward to their embrace, particularly Hendrik Möbus, embracing National Socialism and Heathenism/Esoteric Hitlerism. Möbus publicly giving the Teutonic/Roman AKA Nazi Salute at a concert and had to flee to the U.S. where he met up with William Luther Pierce who sheltered him until his eventual capture and forced return to Germany. What is key here is that Absurd's album "Asgardsrei" with very explicit promotion of National Socialism and a Heathen/Pagan/Esoteric ideology was really, from what I've read though I am not certain, the origins of NSBM or National Socialist Black Metal. Black Metal at the time already having moved for the most part away from focusing on dark and puritanical Evil toward plumbing the dark depths of what Jung termed the Racial Collective Unconscious for our Gods of the past and Heathen heritage. Here I want to end this as I am still learning more about it the whole genre and scene myself and do not want to pretend that I can really comment much on what has happened since over the past decade though I can't help comment on what I am most disturbed by in just visiting various sites and looking at the various bands and companies selling records and paraphenalia/merchandise. There is a lot of degenerate nihilist garbage from non-NS black metal bands that is just disgusting. I went to one site for a store/company based in Helsinki, KVLT.FI/Shop, to see NSBM bands patches and artwork etc., in this case they are selling the band Der Sturmer patches. Well this shop also sells disgusting BDSM pornos along with typical race-mixing porno, though of course any porn speaks for itself as showing the disgusting and thoroughly non-National Socialist worldview and in fact an anti-NS worldview of those who run the company! I am no prude and I really have no problem with nudity or the human form being displayed or even graphic sexual imagery but smut and filthy perversion is quite another thing! But for now I will just assume, based on all I have seen and read, that the truly NSBM bands, which are quite open in stating their National Socialist ideology which Der Sturmer does in an ideological statement on their website, are not in anyway involved in this or interested in promoting it. The band Spear of Loginus, and I am still not too familiar with them and have not listened to them yet in all honesty do seem to be very serious about Esoteric Hitlerism and interest in the SS, Miguel Serrano, and what is deemed NS Occult does seem to be quite popular among those in NSBM. But still I am only learning more about this. Partly because I find it quite fascinating but also because I am still not sure what to make of it all or where it is leading and if it is a good and effective force to create a pro-White Aryan movement among the youth though it does certainly seem to be doing that to a degree in Europe. I also recently came across this website recently if you want to have a look: I wish all a Fruitful and Healthy New Year! May you always maintain the conviction work toward the goal and belief that
Tomorrow is Ours!

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