Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Dear to Me,
Over the past few weeks I've focused a great deal on introspection and searching for answers within regarding a number of subjects close to my heart and my very identity. Aside from a bit of clowning and narcissism in my previous post there is a serious core related to what seemed a conundrum if not outright contradiction. This was brought to the fore of my mind after being dredged from the dark depths as part of my growing interest in newer Black Metal bands as part of a general research and familiarization I am doing to try to better appreciate, gauge the value of, and understand what gets labelled as NSBM or "Nazi" Black Metal but also as part of my greater desire to understand what Black Metal is, what it has become, and what it represents as a social phenomenon particularly among the White youth. But a broad appraisal and criticism of Black Metal will have to wait for another time.
I merely mention this because one particular artist/band, the Karelian, often mis-labelled as Finnish, Black Metal man called Satanic Tyrant Werwolf who has numerous musical projects, is extremely popular in Finland, has mocked the press for their obvious false Jewish morality,  and is most famous as Satanic Warmaster, though he is also the True Werwolf, Orlok, and Armour. This came to my attention largely due to a song on his album "Carelian Satanist Madness" titled 'My Dreams of 8' which is really titled 'My Dreams of Hitlers Empire'. Yet this album also lauds the great Wallachian Prince Vlad Dracula and this artist quite explicitly deals with themes of Ritual Magick, Vampirism, Lycanthropy and Satanism one of the more recent songs released as True Werwolf called 'Vampiric Magick' is quite clear from its very name! Well there is a problem that arises here for the Esoteric National Socialist/Hitlerist.

In an earlier article which I posted in July of last year title "GOLEM" by Miguel Serrano, the connection between the parasitic behavior and nature of the Jew who is afflicted by a robotic disorder of poisoned anti-life anti-blood and Vampirism is made and the photos I posted make this clear as my own interpretation at the time as well. I could have pointed out and shown photos of Orthodox Jews drinking the blood of a circumcised infant. In his article Serrano even explicitly states that the novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker is an esoteric biography of the Jew. But what I had to admit to myself is that the Vampire and particularly Dracula to me have always been seminal in my development and understanding of my own identity. Why? Was I admiring the hideous Kike? Why among NSBM artists and Black Metal artists who emphasize heritage and race do you find this identification with vampires and werwolves and creatures of the night? What possible connection could there be here? Are Aryans the true Vampires with the Jews being impostors?
Well first let us consider some basic points. All living organisms are receiving life energy in its most tangible material form from chemical processes that begin with the Sun, photosynthesis and material substance is always required for the organism to breakdown and use for its biochemical processes to occur which sustain its life! Whether you are a Vegan or a Carnivore you have to kill organisms or others must kill organisms for your sustenance! Human beings throughout history have been killers, consumed raw meat, drunk and eaten blood and even that of their enemies! There is no denying this. Many who hunt for venison can tell you of the thrill of the kill and that there are still hunters whom do indeed still consume a cup of the dying deer's blood!
Now for the Jew all this is anathema through and through! They are expressly forbidden to consume any fresh blood of animals at all! Even in my earlier post "Blood Libations for HaShem" you can't help notice how particular the rules are and that only in the instance of circumcision of a fellow little Jew are they allowed to consume any blood directly.

Though I hate people who 'waffle' and are 'wishy-washy' on issues I have to state that while I don't entirely like or agree with Serrano's interpretation of the novel "Dracula" that in many ways the connection of the Jew to various vampires of folklore is quite apt. Anyone who views the Murnau film "Nosferatu: Eine Symphonie des Grauens" with the hideous Jew-like Count Orlok can see this. But there is an entirely other interpretation that is missed by Maestro Serrano and others that I think is quite often the result of a lingering subconscious Judeo-Christian mindset.
This is the Vampire as the Heathen from our European past who refuses to be silent even in death! The never truly dead warrior-prince Dracula who seeks vengeance upon this modern world and acts as the dark female heart-throb destroyer of this filthy moneyed-banker-merchant elite ruled era in the name of the Nobility of the Sword who rule by honest force and blood! not deception and manipulation of human needs and vices. The Vampire in folklore is expressly connected to Heathenism as often it is the un-baptised  and/or irreligious, or flagrant sinners/practitioners of magic/witchcraft who are those most likely to become vampires. Now think about that for a spell. Throughout European history from the early-Medieval until even the Twentieth Century, though ever more in hiding until very recently there remained the pagan outposts or lingering paganism of the rural folks or of those who lived in the more remote regions and/or areas furthest from the urban centers of Ecclesiastical and/or Temporal Power. It was continuously pushed further away and into the realms of darkness. To cover of night and secrecy alone was consigned Heathen Europe of the past. It is only natural that those rites which were always considered to be on the 'dark side' would be the mainstay there. It is also only natural, I think, that a Europe which was ruled by a Church that by the Fourteenth Century saw women as St.Thomas Aquinas did: inferior to men, that is in total valuation they are inferior to men, and to be always beneath and subject to men, that this Europe would see large numbers of women congregating in the shadows to engage in ecstatic orgies with their Master Satan and Demons whether real or imagined occurrences seems only a response to this abnormal and anti-natural attitude. I can only see it as a total fear of what was waiting inside the woman, inside of the dark and definitely in the dark of the night & earth where all must go one day! The distorted and fractured heart and soul of Roman Catholic Europe where mystics at most learned to activate their tortured heart centers was dominated by fear and by the time of the Reformation when there were no longer Heathen Germanic tribes nor Vikings, nor Pagan Slavs to fear it became the lingering, undead Heathens and their posterity that became the chief threat and fear!

The insane repressed un-natural, real monster, Judeo-christ-insanity, began to attempt the destruction of the dark and the shadow itself searching graveyards and the woods for anything they could burn or stake to try to rid society of that which can be repressed but never be destroyed! In their insanity where their repressed urges and desires morphed into an arachnid like un-natural monster in their imagination the only solution was TOTAL dominance, control and destruction! For the fear and guilt addled hearts and minds nothing could be hidden and fall outside of their purview and be free! For that would mean the toleration of evil the survival of that un-natural beast they have created through suppression within that they long to see die and go away more than anything!
In this post I have purposely chosen to not even engage in any consideration of the possibility of predatory spirits or undead predators in real life though I will admit I have since childhood believed, been absolutely certain! of the existence of real vampires! BUT here my whole point is to show an alternate interpretation of the Vampire myth primarily as it is expressed in the fiction of today most notably the story of Bram Stoker's "Dracula". For there you find a group of tight-wad Victorian era British merchants clearly concerned to check their women's passion and not allow the fiendish count, a Noble of the Sword from a bygone era, a foothold on their soil, and in their females necks and panties, yet all the while being fully willing to conduct a business transaction with him at the beginning of the story!?! How interesting! The good guys must not allow Count Dracula to claim his property in England but more so they must not allow the resurrection of an era when blood and valor were the currency of power and Order!

And it always strikes me that the so-called undead vampires of modern Gothic horror literature often seem to be far MORE ALIVE than the living! They sure as hell have a lot more eroticism and sensuality and even affection than most contemporary people have in their lives! Indeed the level of envy and lust and even romance that is so extrinsically connected to the vampire of fiction today cannot but be seen as evidence that the vampire archetype of today is connected to another that is much deeper, the truly carnal human being, to which these qualities are intrinsic! Today the boredom and longing for the passion and brutality of our past that still lies in the Darkest recesses requires us to seek out the undead warlords to teach us! For most people have lost all connection to it, that is most Europeans, due to the severing of ties effected by Judeo-christ-insanity in such events as the destruction of the Irminsul and the cutting down of the Donar's Oak by St.Boniface.
Perhaps I will return in time to edit this post and expand it properly while giving it better order and style with annotations for explanation in certain areas but for now I will post it as is as a freely arrived at conclusion. Those of us who are the descendants of the old Nobility of the Sword and who look and behave as they did in Heathen times cannot but be viewed with much fear by the crushed spirits of the herd of humanity. They are nothing like they were in our days of glory. We yoked and drank from living bodies but today those unworthy of being called maggots seek to turn all humanity into walking dead Zombie hordes whose fetid and festering remains they may wallow in and gobble! Like all true parasites they will not stop until they have no hosts left to feed upon! A Vampyric King or Noble would never conduct himself and reign in such a manner for he is really a predator and carnivore but not a parasite anymore than a wolf or lion are parasites! Think about it!
Sieg Heil
Heil Dracula!