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Blood Libations for HaShem

painting by Munkacsy Mihaly painted at the request of Tsar Alexander III depicting the Tiszaeszlar Affair involving the murder of a 14-year-old girl by Jews

Dear Readers,
Though lately nothing original from me has been presented here recently I feel that there is so much written by others that are worth reading and becoming familiar with online that for me to inject more too often would be a waste and distraction unless I really present good and meaty articles which will still have to link to and draw on the research of others.
For today I wanted to link to books and articles that should not be passed over, no pun intended, and should be in the arsenal of all National Socialists exposing the Jews to others.
Blood Passover by Ariel Toaff
complete book online translated into English
Jewish Ritual Murder: A Historical Investigation by Helmut Schramm
complete book online translated into English
My Irrelevant Defense: Meditations inside and outside gaol on Jewish Ritual Murder by Arnold Leese
This is a complete copy of the book and was written by the author, the great Arnold Leese, who was incarcerated several times during his life due to his political and military activity in aiding the Waffen SS. Arnold Leese was the founder of the Imperial Fascist League and mentored the well known British National Socialist Colin Jordan
Beatus Andreas Papal Bull of Pope Benedict XIV the same Pope who wrote well against the Jews in his encyclical On Jews and Christians living in the same place though as I have stated elsewhere I do regard the Jews as an Anti-Race and,  of course, could never agree with the Catholic policy of viewing Jews converted to Catholicism as no longer Jews! But I still these articles pertinent here.
Il Sangue Cristiano nei riti ebraici della Moderna Sinagoga by Teofito
This is the complete online copy of the 1803 original written in Moldavian, a Romanian dialect, by a Jew who converted to Eastern Orthodoxy and as a monk wrote an admission and exposition on the demonic nature of Judaism. The most shocking being that of Jewish Ritual Murder. Below I have copied an English translation of an excerpt from the book on this subject.
Blood Ritual by Philip de Vier (pseudonym of Dr.Harrell Rhome)
not available for free online but an excellent book by an excellent National Socialist author!
Bloodcurdling Libel & The Bloody Passovers of Dr.Toaff
Though both are by a Jew I think they are relatively good articles addressing this subject and the authors Toaff and Israel Yuval whose book,  I did not list above but is also a reasonably good book documenting the absolute demonic hatred of the Jews who called down curses upon the "goyim" demanding their blood as libations for their HaShem as well as documenting the blood rituals of Jewish demonolatry/black magic.

Below is the above mentioned Excerpt for the book by the Jew convert monk Teofito.
Please note that when the word "Pascha" is used that though this is word for Easter in most European languages it is used here as its literal meaning which is for the Jewish festival of Passover.

“The secret use of blood, which the Jews collect from Christians killed by
them is a rite which they consider to have been commanded by God Himself
and indicated in certain mysterious expressions in the Scriptures.
“Many scholars have written works aimed at proving, with the help of the
Bible, the appearance of the true Messiah promised by God to our fathers,
Who is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the All-Pure Virgin Mary. An
innumerable quantity of works have also been written to refute the
superstitious beliefs of the Jews and their false teachings. Many of these
authors were native Jews who converted to the Christian Faith. Meanwhile,
nobody has yet published anything serious concerning this barbaric mystery
of blood, which is kept and used by the synagogue. If some book hinting at
this mystery happens to fall into the hands of Christians, and they make
reference to it, the Jews never reply in any other way than with feigned
mockery or evasions, like the following: ‘But how would we kill Christians if
the law forbids us to eat blood?’
“In my opinion, the reason preventing the Jews, even those converted to
Christianity, from clearly exposing this is hidden either in the fact that they
really were not initiated into the mystery, or in the fact that they still foolishlypity our unfortunate people, and fear to attract to it the powerful vengeance
of the Christian peoples.
“But I, having by the mercy of God received Holy Baptism and
monasticism, have no fear, in the interest of Christians, to declare everything
that I know about these rites, which I myself zealously carried out and kept in
the strictest secrecy all the time that I was a haham, or rabbi.
“But first of all it is necessary to explain that the mystery of blood is not
known to all Jews, but only to the hahams, or rabbis, the scribes, or Pharisees,
who for that reason are called the keepers of the mystery of the blood – a
mystery which, moreover, is not contained in clear words in any of their
books and which they pass on exclusively by oral tradition.
“The fathers of families initiated into the mystery pass it on only to that
one of their sons whose secrecy they have tested. Also, they insist that he is
obliged to pass on the mystery only under those condition and in that form,
and that he should never disclose it to a Christian, even in the cruellest woes,
and even for the saving of life. This revelation is accompanied by the most
terrifying curses on anyone who gives away the secret. Here, for example, is
how I was initiated into it myself.
“When I reached the age of thirteen, - the age at which the Jews have the
custom of laying a wreath called the wreath of glory on the heads of their
sons, - my father went apart with me and had a long talk with me, instilling
hatred for the Christians into me as a duty laid down by God. This hatred was
to go as far as killing them. Then he told me of the custom of collecting the
blood of the murdered, and he added, embracing me: ‘So, my son, in this way
I have made you confidant and as it were my second I.’ Then he put the
wreath on my head and in great detail explained to me the mystery of the
blood as the holiest of the holies and the important rite of the Jewish religion.
‘My son,’ he continued, ‘I abjure you by all the elements of heaven and earth
always to keep this secret in your heart and not to entrust it to anyone, neither
your brothers, nor your sisters, not your mother, nor, later, your wife, - not to
any mortal, and especially women. If God gives you even eleven grown sons,
do not reveal the secret to all of them, but only to one – the one whom you
recognise to be the cleverest and the most capable of keeping the secret, just
as I am now acting with you. You must take great car that this son of yours
should be devoted and zealous for our faith. Once more I adjure you: beware
of trusting women, even your daughters, your wife and your mother, but
trust only the son whom you consider worthy of trust.’ ‘O my son,’ he cried
finally, ‘may the whole earth refuse to accept your corpse and thrust you out
from its depths, if, even in conditions of the most extreme necessity, you
reveal this secret of blood to anyone besides him of whom I have spoken.
Even if you become a Christian for the sake of profit or for other reasons. See
that you do not betray your father by giving away this divine secret which I102
have revealed to you today!Otherwise may my curse strike you at the very
hour at which you sin, and may it accompany you all the days of your life
until death and to the ages of ages.’
“May the Father Whom I have acquired in heaven and Who is the Lord
Jesus Christ turn away these curses from the head of him who writes
exclusively for the sake of the benefit of the Church and the triumph of the
“The bases of this barbaric custom are the following: 1) hatred for
Christians, 2) superstition, and 3) faith in the spiritual reality of Christian
blood. I shall explain each of these points.
“On the first reason, which is hatred for Christians.
“The Jews as it were from their mother’s breast instil hatred of Christianity
into their sons from the earliest childhood. On receiving these convictions
from their fathers over a whole series of generations, they are really and
sincerely convinced that to despise Christians and even to kill them is very
pleasing to God, thereby exactly justifying the words of Divine redemption:
‘everyone who kills you will think that he is thereby serving God’ (John
“On the second reason, which is superstition.
“The second reason is based on the superstitious beliefs which the Jews
hold and which relate to the sphere of magic, sorcery, the kabbala and other
mysterious rites. They believe that Christian blood is necessary for these
diabolical operations. Out of all these superstitions I will indicate only one,
which concerns the curse of God that fell on the unhappy people of Israel and
which was prophesied by Moses himself in the following expressions: ‘the
Lord will strike you with Egyptian leprosy… a foul leprosy on the knees and
shins from which you will not be able to be healed’ (Deuteronomy 28.27, 35).
“This terrible illness always was and is very common among the Jews –
much more common than they think… And when the haham visits the sick
who have been struck down by it, and gives them medicines, he at the same
time sprinkles them with Christian blood, if he has any, as the only means of
“On the third and principal reason, which is the faith of the Jews in the
spiritual reality of Christian blood.
“The main reason which compels the Jews to kill Christians and collect
their blood is the faith, secretly preserved especially by the hahams, or rabbis,
that Jesus Christ, the Son of Mary from Nazareth, who was condemned byour ancestors to death on the Cross, is, in all probability, the true Messiah
who was for so long expected and invoked by the patriarchs and prophets.
There are enough prophecies to convince them of this; especially important is
the passage from Jeremiah: ‘Be amazed, O heavens, tremble and be seized
with horror, says the Lord, for two evils have My people committed: they
have abandoned Me, the source of living water, and have cut out for
themselves broken cisterns which cannot hold water’ (Jeremiah 2.12,13).
“This prophecy is well-known and is understood in its true meaning by
many rabbis, as it was very well known by Annas and Caiaphas. But, like
them, from pride and hardness of heart, the rabbis do not want to recognise it,
and therefore, resorting to pitiful interpretations, they have composed new
rules – a real parody on the most important mysteries of the Church, so as to
be saved by Christian blood, in which they see the blood of the Messiah
“In consequence of their conviction… the Jews use Christian blood at
circumcision, which represents baptism; at marriage, which corresponds to
this mystery among the Christians; in the unleavened bread of Pascha, which
represents the Eucharist; at burials, imitating holy unction; in their lament
over the destruction of Jerusalem, which represents the mystery of
repentance. This is the basis of the secret, which I knew and sometimes
applied with extraordinary zeal. I shall stop on each of these explanations.
“Marriage. When a marriage is concluded between Jews, the bride and
bridegroom prepare for it with a strict fast for 24 hours, abstaining even from
water until the setting of the sun. It is then that the rabbi appears. He takes a
just-boiled egg, removes the shell and divides it in half. Then he sprinkles it,
not with salt, but with a special ash, which I will say more about later. He
gives half of this sprinkled egg to each spouse.
“Let us now say what this ash is. It is used not instead of salt, but instead
of fresh Christian blood, being in actual fact changed Christian blood. It is
precisely with the blood left over from the sacrifices carried out for the feast of
unleavened bread, the more the better, that the rabbis infuse a corresponding
quantity of flax or cotton thread, then they dry it and burn it. The ash is kept
in bottles that are carefully sealed and given to the synagogue’s treasurer. The
latter distributes it gradually to the rabbis who ask for it, or for their own use,
or for sending to those countries where it is impossible to obtain Christian
blood, whether because there are no Christians there or because the police
have been roused to be more watchful and the Christians more careful.
“In any case, fresh blood is always preferable, but it is necessary only for
the unleavened bread, and in the case of insurmountable obstacles the
indicated dark ash represents an acceptable substitute.104
“Circumcision. A rabbi also appears for the circumcision of children on the
eighth day after birth. He puts into a cup some of the best wine he can get
hold of and pours one drop of Christian blood into it. It has been collected
from torture, but if that is not available, some of the above-mentioned ash is
used, into which a drop of the blood of the circumcised child is added. When
this is well mixed with the wine, the rabbi immerses the finger of the child
into the cup and says: ‘I declare to you, child: your life is in your blood.’ And
he twice repeats this rite and these words.
“Here is a superstitious explanation which the rabbis give for this
ceremony amongst themselves. The Prophet Ezekiel twice said: ‘”Live in your
blood!” Thus I say to you: “Live in your blood!”’ (Ezekiel 16.6). By these
words the prophet perhaps wanted to indicate the blood of Jesus Christ, Who
freed from bonds the souls of the holy fathers who did not receive a water
baptism; and in such a case the souls of the Jews, although also themselves
deprived of the water of baptism, will be saved by the blood of a Christian
baptised in water. But one of the reasons why this blood must be collected
amidst the cruel sufferings of the victim is precisely the necessity of
representing thereby the Passion of Christ. On the contrary, if the Prophet
Ezekiel wanted to speak only about every man’s blood of circumcision, then
the Jewish child will be saved by the power of the single drop of blood mixed
by the rabbi in the wine with the Christian blood. What a pitiful nation!
“The anniversary of the taking of Jerusalem. The Jews again use the ash of
which I have spoken on the ninth day of July, when they weep over the
destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. On this anniversary they use it in two
ways: first, they wipe their forehead with it, which they thought would be
unseemly to do with fresh blood, and secondly, they sprinkle an egg with it,
and on that day every son of Israel without exception must eat a hard-boiled
egg sprinkled with this ash…
“Death. A haham immediately goes to the house of him of whose death he
just learned. He takes the white of an egg, mixes into it some Christian blood
and a little ash and puts this mixture into the breast of the corpse, uttering the
supposed words of Ezekiel: ‘I shall sprinkle you with pure blood and you will
be cleansed from all your filthiness’ (Ezekiel 36.25). Ezekiel, it is true, said, not
‘pure blood’, but ‘pure water’… But by dint of this corruption of the text the
Jews convince themselves that the dead man will undoubtedly be admitted to
“The feasts of Pascha and Purim. These two feasts demand the same blood
“On paschal days the Jews must eat unleavened bread, small breads
prepared only by hahams, into which Christian blood has been poured.Everyone, nobles and simple people, young and old, even those without
teeth, must taste of this bread, even if it only a crumb the size of an olive…
“The feast of Purim was established in memory of the deliverance from the
dominion of Haman by means of Esther and Mordecai, as this is recounted in
the book of Esther. As is known, this feast comes in February. The initiated
Jews are then occupied, wherever they can, with seizing as many Christians
as possible, especially children. However, in this night they sacrifice only one,
reproducing the torments of Haman. But for this reason, while the body is
hanging, all those present cover it with thousands of insults, as if they were
addressing Haman himself. The collected blood is poured out by the rabbi
into flour that has already been dissolved with honey, from which he then
makes small breads in the form of a triangle for the sake of ridiculing the
mystery of the Holy Trinity. These breads are meant, not for the Jews, but
through boundless cunning they are distributed to the most eminent families,
which must give them away – and these gifts are considered the height of
kindness – to their friends from among the Christians. This rite is called the
Bread of Purim.
“We should note that this rite does not require the application of too heavy
tortures to the victim precisely because the collected blood does not have any
other purpose than the one I have indicated.
“The rest of kidnapped Christians, however, are kept in secret hiding places
until the day of Passover, which comes shortly after Purim. At this time they are
all offered in sacrifice in the cruellest and most barbaric manner, and they collect
their blood partly for the unleavened bread and  partly for other necessities which 
come up in the course of the year and have been indicatred above. These torments at
Passover have a definite aim - to renew the sufferings of Christ, and for that reason they
must be carried out mainly on children who through their innocence and virginity better
symbolise the Saviour.
“In these depressing pourings out of blood the words of Jeremiah written
in prophecy about the Jews are justified: ‘Even on the hems of your clothes is
found the blood of poor innocent people’ (Jeremiah 2.34), and still better the
words of Ezekiel: ‘You eat with blood… and shed blood’ (Ezekiel 33.25). In
consequence of these innumerable murders Israel was expelled from various
states, in particular from Spain, thereby justifying another prophecy of
Ezekiel: ‘Blood calls you to court’ (Ezekiel 30.6).”138
Archbishop Anthony’s attitude to Jewish blood rituals in general, and the
Beilis trial in particular, was expressed in an interview he gave to A.
Chizhevsky. After reminding his readers of how, at the request of Rabbi
Skomorovsky, he had twice, in 1903 and 1905, spoken up against the
antisemite pogroms in Zhitomir, he went on: “But in both of the above-
mentioned cases of my conversation with the rabbi, I decisively refused to say
that I did not recognize the existence of ritual murders carried out by Jews,
but on the contrary I expressed to my interlocutor my conviction that these
murders exist, perhaps as belonging to one or another sect of the Jewish
religion, perhaps as a secret of the highest spiritual government of the Jews,
but there undoubtedly have been cases of ritual murders both in recent times
and in antiquity.
“When my Jewish academic acquaintances pointed to the fact that Jewish
law forbids the drinking of the blood even of animals, so that the thought of
their mixing Christian blood with the paschal matsa was absurd, I replied that
what seemed more probable to me was the link between the ritual killings
and, not the Jewish feast of Pascha, but the feast that precedes it of ‘Purim’, in
which the story of Esther, Haman and Mordecai is remembered, when the
Persian king, having executed the enemy of the Jews, Haman, allowed them,
who had not long before been condemned to general killing, to kill their
enemies themselves. Purim in 1911 [the year of the ritual killing of Andrew
Yuschinsky] took place on March 14 and 15, while the Jewish Pascha was
from March 15-18…
“Already in deep antiquity the Jews were causing various disorders
against various symbols hostile to them during this feast. Thus in 408 and 412
the Byzantine emperor issued two special decrees forbidding the Jews from
celebrating Purim and mocking Christian crosses instead of Haman. I think
that Christian children were also killed on this feast…"

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