Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hitler Prophesied in Painting?

 Die Wilde Jagd 
by Franz von Stuck

First, I have to thank Wotan's Krieger for blowing my mind with his post about this painting at his blog Aryan Myth and Metahistory. I am, though I know I come off as wildly superstitious at times and gullible and naive, I'm really very cynical and skeptical. Anyone who can comment upon whether Hitler could have actually seen this painting growing up? what is the proof? Was this painting for certain painted the year of Der Fuhrer's birth 1889? I have read C.G.Jung and Miguel Serrano about the archetype and avatar of Wotan, one believes in the real existence of the All-father while Jung, I just can't quite understand if he really believed in a greater higher plane of existence beyond this? But both connected Hitler with Wotan and here we have a painting of Wotan leading the Oskorei in Das Wilde Heer from the same year of Hitler's birth looking just like Him! Am I leaping too readily in my statements? Any greater info on this would be appreciated and I hope that others can benefit from seeing this! Frankly I am still in shock!

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Be like a Tree

Perhaps this is unnecessary but I have been told repeatedly that I worry way too much, that I am way "out there" when I spend time with my brain dead family members and can point out the Jews on TV instantly and the 60 Minutes propaganda showing the poor black child who was caught in gang fight gunfire in South Chicago, AKA Shit Can-go. Save every poor animal and starving child in Africa, and believe me I have a heart and it kills me to see any suffering at all because I am a White Aryan who has a heart. We naturally want to take care of people who are suffering because we are naturally far superior and naturally want to shepherd them. But as you all are aware we are killing ourselves doing this while being killed by illness internally!
Why I don't see more of a reaction that is grounded in reality I don't know. I really have to already do so much with so little that it really disgusts me that I see single White men, with great jobs and no children, doing  nothing really! I am not going to bash you but please for your own sake wake up! When Ragnarok begins and things fall apart will you have CBs? Ham Radios? Do you have a vehicle like an old Mercedes that can be run using Vegetable Oils? A generator? Mike Delaney at pointed out the necessity of becoming tech savvy and learning how to develop EMP guns! Do you know how to survive if you were dropped out in the woods tomorrow? Be honest with yourself! You do have a lot to learn and really do outdoors that you can do right now and learn. pointed out the benefits of extended families living together in the same home/s and pooling resources and creating a business network. How many of you know how to operate a business really? How many of you live online and read this as entertainment? Stop being scared of reality! I know it is bad but you are grounded already and you already have learned hard truth now learn to actually fight and live and survive! What else are you doing really? If you have any extra money or could if you prioritized your life more effectively and towards doing what you know you should be! DO IT!
"For a Tree to reach Heaven with its branches it must first touch hell with its roots."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It Ended Before it Began

While I don't relish pissing upon a parade I cannot help point to those who look to America's Founding Fathers for proto-National Socialism and Jew-wise men that the Jews were here already and whatever statements were made against the minority of wealthy conniving Jews then in the U.S. in their private letters and writings which were quite socially acceptable at that time we find letters such as Washingtons 1790 letter to the Newport, RI Touro Synagogue, one of the first Kahals in America, a separate criminal government, which makes plain, to me why Christ was never mentioned in the American Governments founding documents though many still call it a Christian government from the beginning. Now if anyone can show to me that this is a forgery I am more than open to that if proven. I grew up loving the Founding Fathers and only became skeptical and highly critical during adulthood. Though the Bank of England was already an evil then and that I see the Founders as having rightly stood up to in a way I don't see them, at least not all of them, as having been truly anti-Usury and anti-Jewish men let alone proto-National Socialists!
Please take a look at these sites,
I don't relish listing them and have a look:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

For the Confederacy! For the South!

Dear Readers,
I just wanted to mark today because today 152 years ago the Battle of Wilson's Creek took place marking Southwestern Missouri as the South, the Confederacy! And this popular Secessionist feeling existed throughout Southern Missouri just North of Arkansas in the Ozarks region especially and this feeling of popular Confederate Southern Heritage remains to this day! And most people don't know it but long after the Civil War ended blood feuds continued in that area that began during the Civil War. The way that you can tell that the South is right and did what was right is because look at how terribly they have suffered ever since! When I got to Southern Missouri driving Southeast into Northern Arkansas just before the Mississippi River and drove throughout the Confederate South, particularly the deep South, every bit of this country that stood up against the Jewish plot to destroy what remained that was good from the U.S. Govt., particularly the recognition of State governments being the bodies to rule their own State! did all they could to drum up popular anger against the South particularly with that disgusting trashy novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin" released in segments in popular media. All this to create a massive war debt and kill the goyim. Read the great book Blood Money: The Civil War and the Federal Reserve by John Remington Graham. Why is the Jew Salmon P. Chase on the $10,000 bill? Because he upheld the 14th Amendment in a court ruling. I do not see the South or the Confederacy as at all having been an equal to what Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists made with the Third Reich BUT the South and the Confederacy did what they believed was right and stood up and fought against the beginnings of what is ZOG today! That is why the South is the most depressed area and even in the state of Missouri, you see that those who stood up for the Confederacy have had just their area hurt perpetually! I am not a Southerner but I love the rural South, hate the cities! disgusting pits full of subhumans, though there is a little bit good left in them. I loved especially driving through Mississippi and Alabama in the rural areas. Good white people who friendly and welcoming and the pines and breeze, just wonderful! The blood of those men blessed the ground and many times I felt it palpably walking in the Southern countryside. God Bless the Missouri State guard! God Bless those men who lost their lives and Fought! and God Bless the Confederacy!