Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It Ended Before it Began

While I don't relish pissing upon a parade I cannot help point to those who look to America's Founding Fathers for proto-National Socialism and Jew-wise men that the Jews were here already and whatever statements were made against the minority of wealthy conniving Jews then in the U.S. in their private letters and writings which were quite socially acceptable at that time we find letters such as Washingtons 1790 letter to the Newport, RI Touro Synagogue, one of the first Kahals in America, a separate criminal government, which makes plain, to me why Christ was never mentioned in the American Governments founding documents though many still call it a Christian government from the beginning. Now if anyone can show to me that this is a forgery I am more than open to that if proven. I grew up loving the Founding Fathers and only became skeptical and highly critical during adulthood. Though the Bank of England was already an evil then and that I see the Founders as having rightly stood up to in a way I don't see them, at least not all of them, as having been truly anti-Usury and anti-Jewish men let alone proto-National Socialists!
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