Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Dear Alles,
It has been a while since I posted some paintings and I could not resist. It seems that at times I run across a kind of puritanical air amongs self styled White Nationalists where sexuality, nudity, and any frank imagery or discussion of such is taboo and regarded as tainting everything it enters which is so Jewish that I can't over state this. Jews are the ones who fuck through a sheet or on the flip side the secular ones grossly pervert it and seem incapable of normal sexuality. They are the ones who regard and turn our bodies into objects to be derided and convince us to regard as dirty and ugly! It is programming pure and simple!

The top painting by Adolf Ziegler - The Four Elements - was in Hitler's Reich Chancellery and the third photo was from his living quarters. Hitler stated to Leon Degrelle in response to a question about whether he regarded himself as a German or a European: "I am a Hellene!" This I believe undoubtedly was related to his love of sculpture and natural naked beauty and form. National Socialism has some roots in German Naturalist philosophy but that is a long essay or book to get into here but simply stated there is no place for puritanical disgust for the natural forms of the human body. There are certain qualitative standards for beauty that we all share and then those that are preference based on an individual level but it is not inherently a dirty thing! I don't in any way post this to make any women feel uncomfortable or ashamed of their bodies! Quite the opposite. However I would hope this gets into the pupils of some young men to see women in a romantic and natural way rather than the purely objective and hyper-perverted way pornography promotes. I want to state here that I think the biggest problem between young white men and women is that a large number of them feel uncomfortable together when it comes to sex and the men I think are really programmed in such a way that they are wired too tight or not wired enough to handle it. Aside from the obvious problem of being out of shape many very in-shape physically healthy men treat women and sex like going to the bathroom. And I would say most women have a built in fear and desire to maintain distance in the most intimate instance, sex, where it should not be at all because they are wired too tight from programming and because they are reacting to the cues and behavior of the men. I gather all this from a lot of talking over the past 15 years and personal experience with women telling me these things about themselves and other men. But I certainly don't expect to get through to most I just hope a few of the youngins and anyone who needs a realization get it! But like I tell my friends you could be good but you'll never be me! 

But enough bragging! Love our women and respect them as the highest, most noble, beauties of all humanity, and as the individuals who can complete the circle and are necessary to the balance and natural order of the Aryan Race!
Our women are not slaves!
And our swords are at the ready for those who attempt to make them so!

I particularly love this last painting! It is the White Goddess of the forest and running waters!
It would be nice if more young white couples took to nature and went out to the woods during the spring and summer and connected with each other and Nature. Get away from screens and the machines and flow together in the breeze and the waters and you will be brimming!
La Prima-vera!
As always follow the rainbow bridge to Asgard!
Sieg Heil!

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