Monday, June 17, 2013


Dear Readers,
Let me first tell anyone who might be confused why my chosen online monicker is Konrad Rhodes
Konrad is an old German name common to the various royal families of the First Reich. I am mostly of German descent, Westphalia to be more specific, and partly of Norman-Nordic descent on my fathers side. The choice of the surname Rhodes HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH CECIL RHODES! I cannot state this firmly enough and yes I know who and what Cecil Rhodes was! I chose the name Rhodes as a memorial to Rhodesia a country whose fate should never be forgotten and is one more example of how we need to work together if we are to win against our eternal enemy: the Jew, the Judaic wealthy White traitors, many of whom are crypto-Jews I admit, and all of their underling-stooges, and all non-white races who seek to replace us and destroy us.
Victory is an eternal goal, survival and preservation is our current vital task!
The purpose of this blog is to provide yet another avenue for people, particularly Aryan White People, to find the Truth without and within. The reality most people live in is a mental fog, an illusion. If you are here I hope that you already have discovered this truth and understand.
I will be posting my own works over the following months along with other truly great figures focusing on those who are lesser known or under-appreciated.
The purpose of this post is simply to call attention to anyone viewing this from the Midwest, focusing on Eastern Iowa, SW Wisconsin, and NW Illinois! Please, please! contact me at and even if we cannot meet up anytime soon or even if we have basic contacts I think it is imperative we start networking, many others already are doing this, because we cannot and should not think to do this as Individuals. No one is born self-sufficient and an individual and against an army even a massive crowd and mob of undisciplined and unorganized Individuals are as nothing but target practice today! Our very survival, our wives and children are at stake in this and unless you are ready to lie down and accept a much heavier and literal yolk than that which we currently wear, that is coming, you need to start somewhere and that involves finding others to form some kind of defensive network and unit.
If there are any real White men in the Midwest left, or even White women though I will tell you my wife does get jealous sometimes, please contact me, again, at
I am not asking you for your real names, your coordinates or anything like that because we don't even know each other yet. Right now I am just proposing discussion, getting to know one another a bit, and if possible finding a time and place, a public place that is neutral with plenty of people, to meet and hopefully go from there. Just having awake and aware friends who pledge themselves to help one another or trade with one another is a huge asset in these times and I am sure this is obvious to any awakened person reading this.
That is all for now, please forgive my sloppy and poor writing!
I leave you with the 14 words
"We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children!"
Tomorrow is ours!
Konrad Rhodes

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