Thursday, June 20, 2013

(Perseus slays the beast Cetus saving Princess Andromeda)

First, I want to state that I do not write this blog for the herd, lemming masses of any race! I write this for intelligent and responsible White men and women! 
I wanted to write this short post because I am appalled by the sheer number of men I have read and come across, intelligent, healthy, and responsible White men in my day-to-day life, and online, for the most part, in this so-called White Nationalist and Truth-er community, so-called because a healthy community does not function at all the way we are today, who are not only single but have no children, never been married, and, often, never even been in a serious relationship and are already in their late-20's or older! I care about and am disgusted whenever I see pretty, healthy, and reasonably intelligent white women with blacks or browns or Jews. It is not just the loser white women at the bottom of the gene pool doing this and I first saw this in college seeing the hulking, negro basketball scholarship token with a petite-slim pretty blonde on his arm who was probably partly doing this to upset her parents. 
But what is the deeper reason behind this phenomenon? A lot of these white women doing this are not blind. They know blacks and browns are more dangerous, crude, dirty and likely to cheat on them. So why? The problem is not primarily them it is you! You cowardly, anxiety ridden White men who act like boys instead of men! 
Perhaps you think I should be bemoaning black on white rape or the sex slavery of White Ukrainian women and I do and bring this up talking to people regularly when I can inject these points to try to wake them up but when White men do nothing evil prevails! and when White men are not going to be real men and take care of our women what else do you expect to happen?
What really prompted me to put this down in writing is a discussion I only recently had with a relative of mine who is a young and very smart White man who has a great job with merit-based pay buying and selling on the commodities market, in his late 20's, runs and lifts weights so he's in great shape, not to be a Queer but I'd say women would find him handsome, has a really nice home that is well-furnished and clean . . . he's a great responsible White man who should have no trouble finding a wife and having plenty of white children.
But! yet again he is having lady troubles and I am always have to talk to him and give him the same advice and he never takes it because he is basically a coward! I am not going to go over what the problems are but I just want to tell any other White men who may be reading this in the future: Look at the blacks and mestizo browns! Do you think they are getting White women because they are such great nice guys?! There is a reason why when I was a teenager hanging out with my Skinhead older brothers that I always saw plenty of pretty and rather reserved young white women there! This is not rocket science! 
Quality over Quantity! I believe this but there is not going to be any quality in the White rasse if the smart and responsible White men don't start acting like real men and quit being weaklings too terrified of their fast-approaching death to ever embrace life. Death should be your confidence, your motivation, to act! To be the White man you are meant to be! You must become these: Chivalrous and Cavalier, a Knight, a Gentleman, a soldier, and, my personal ideal, an SS man! 
Shaming is the only tactic to wake up most good stock White men that is left! If we aren't going to be the men our women need then you have no business complaining about them and this problem of miscegenation!

Looking at these paintings can you tell me I was wrong when I wrote in a previous post that our women are more beautiful than white spring blossoms? These great paintings are here because we need to really appreciate the beauty of our women and what we are losing through race-mixing. From an early age I remember being at the library, no internet or even computers there back then, and looking through the big, glossy art books in awed enjoyment viewing these fanciful and beautiful scenes full of beautiful white women like any normal white male. Beauty with a capital B! is something totally misunderstood and under-appreciated in this sick society we live in. Adolf Hitler appreciated Beauty, loved great art and was an artist himself who destroyed the disgusting and decadent "art" of the Weimar years and restored truly great art as best as he could in his short time! 
As I wrote previously this is not for the masses of today who basically never emerge from their loins and gut long enough to have any kind of life in their hearts and heads but, again, this is a problem even among that top tenth or even twentieth of White men. If decent White men are not going to love our good and beautiful white women what kind of future will any of us have? I know it is not always easy to find your ideal but, frankly, it is not really too difficult! Any white men, really boys who may as well be veiled queers, failing in their duty to find a good white woman and love her and take care of her like a real man should feel a crushing sense of shame and guilt because it is your cowardice that is destroying even the best of our Race! 
Please forgive my rather crude and informal method of writing but I hope you at least enjoyed these paintings and I hope you remember this is the Beauty close to our heart and which we are to defend!

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