Tuesday, June 25, 2013


This blog is for White Aryans who are awake or in the process of waking up. But I felt compelled to write this post because I am always surprised how many truly smart and great White men and women have never seen this film, which can easily be viewed for free online, in full! and is absolutely great and based on a true story and many true stories indeed!
In the process of writing this post I found out what is not at all surprising! Germany, Deutschland, while under the USIsraeli Jewish thumb only in recent years, yet again, showcased another pathetic attempt to soil this great film, the Third Reich, National Socialism, and the Forever-Loyal , the Great, Paul Joseph Goebbels! 
Most movies today, and any intelligent person can dissect them and see this, are deceptive-filth AKA Jewish Propaganda which is always the BIG LIE! But we do have legitimate films that serve the cause of Truth and are good entertainment at the very least. We need another film like this! Aryan Propaganda founded forever in Truth! to reach the minds of many, even good White people, who are asleep so that they may be woken up and revolt against their slave master: the Jew.
But I only place my trust and my hope in the New Barbarians!

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