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This is the End! July 4th Reflections

As another July 4th passed by I barely noticed or cared. At a random moment early in the week I heard Jim Morrison, the band the Doors lead singer died July 3, 1971 singing "This is the End!" How fitting!
I can't help it! I am not a fan of Constitutional Republican government and will just say that I am a believer in the government of the All-Father, the Hero-Philosopher-King-Leader. Autocracy is the only natural and moral way for Aryan Order! King Arthur and his Court of Knight-Nobles, the Nobility of the Sword, the prosperity of the land and the quality and character of its people is linked to Him who is Them!
The Secret of the Grail. King Charles I on his way to martyrdom laying his hands upon those come to receive his Royal Touch and cure from scrofula, the mal de Roi, is one of many images that come to my mind. Or Rudolf Hess at the rally of the NSDAP Nuremberg Conference proclaiming "Hitler ist Deutschland und Deutschland ist Hitler! Adolf Hitler Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!

Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Führer

Below are a few excerpts from Mein Kampf which I think are pertinent to reflect upon as this Non-Nation watched another year of fireworks and did nothing.

"The problem of re-establishing the political power of our nation is first of all a 
problem of restoring the instinct of national self-preservation for if no other 
reason than that every preparatory step in foreign policy and every foreign 
judgment on the worth of a State has been proved by experience to be grounded 
not on the material size of the armament such a State may possess but rather on 
the moral capacity for resistance which such a State has or is believed to have.
The question whether or not a nation be desirable as an ally is not so much
determined by the inert mass of arms which it has at hand but by the obvious 
presence of a sturdy will to national self-preservation and a heroic courage 
which will fight through to the last breath. For an alliance is not made between 
arms but between men.

The future of a movement is determined by the devotion, and even 
intolerance, with which its members fight for their cause. They must feel
convinced that their cause alone is just, and they must carry it through to 
success, as against other similar organizations in the same field. 
It is quite erroneous to believe that the strength of a movement must increase if
it be combined with other movements of a similar kind. Any expansion resulting 
from such a combination will of course mean an increase in external 
development, which superficial observers might consider as also an increase of 
power; but in reality the movement thus admits outside elements which will 
subsequently weaken its constitutional vigour. 
Though it may be said that one movement is identical in character with another,
in reality no such identity exists. If it did exist then practically there would not 
be two movements but only one. And whatever the difference may be, even if it 
consist only of the measure in which the capabilities of the one set of leaders 
differ from those of the other, there it is. It is against the natural law of all 
development to couple dissimilar organisms,or the law is that the stronger must 
overcome the weaker and, through the struggle necessary for such a conquest,
increase the constitutional vigour and effective strength of the victor. 
By amalgamating political organizations that are approximately alike, certain 
immediate advantages may be gained, but advantages thus gained are bound in
the long run to become the cause of internal weaknesses which will make their 
appearance later on. 
A movement can become great only if the unhampered development of its 
internal strength be safeguarded and steadfastly augmented, until victory over all 
its competitors be secured. 
One may safely say that the strength of a movement and its right to existence 
can be developed only as long as it remains true to the principle that struggle is a 
274 necessary condition of its progress and that its maximum strength will be 
reached only as soon as complete victory has been won. 
Therefore a movement must not strive to obtain successes that will be only 
immediate and transitory, but it must show a spirit of uncompromising 
perseverance in carrying through a long struggle which will secure for it a long 
period of inner growth. 
All those movements which owe their expansion to a so-called combination of 
similar organisms, which means that their external strength is due to a policy of 
compromise, are like plants whose growth is forced in a hothouse. They shoot
up externally but they lack that inner strength which enables the natural plant to 
grow into a tree that will withstand the storms of centuries. 
The greatness of every powerful organization which embodies a creative idea 
lies in the spirit of religious devotion and intolerance with which it stands out 
against all others, because it has an ardent faith in its own right. If an idea is
right in itself and, furnished with the fighting weapons I have mentioned, wages
war on this earth, then it is invincible and persecution will only add to its 
internal strength. 
The greatness of Christianity did not arise from attempts to make compromises 
with those philosophical opinions of the ancient world which had some 
resemblance to its own doctrine, but in the unrelenting and fanatical
proclamation and defense of its own teaching. 
The apparent advance that a movement makes by associating itself with other 
movements will be easily reached and surpassed by the steady increase of 
strength which a doctrine and its organization acquires if it remains independent 
and fights its own cause alone.

The more I became acquainted with the external forms of Social Democracy, the
greater became my desire to understand the inner nature of its doctrines.
For this purpose the official literature of the Party could not help very much. In
discussing economic questions its statements were false and its proofs unsound.
In treating of political aims its attitude was insincere. Furthermore, its modern
methods of chicanery in the presentation of its arguments were profoundly
repugnant to me. Its flamboyant sentences, its obscure and incomprehensible
phrases, pretended to contain great thoughts, but they were devoid of thought,
and meaningless. One would have to be a decadent Bohemian in one of our
modern cities in order to feel at home in that labyrinth of mental aberration, so
that he might discover ‘intimate experiences’ amid the stinking fumes of this
literary Dadism. These writers were obviously counting on the proverbial
humility of a certain section of our people, who believe that a person who is
incomprehensible must be profoundly wise.
In confronting the theoretical falsity and absurdity of that doctrine with the
reality of its external manifestations, I gradually came to have a clear idea of the
ends at which it aimed.
During such moments I had dark presentiments and feared something evil. I had
before me a teaching inspired by egoism and hatred, mathematically calculated
to win its victory, but the triumph of which would be a mortal blow to humanity.
Meanwhile I had discovered the relations existing between this destructive
teaching and the specific character of a people, who up to that time had been to
me almost unknown.
Knowledge of the Jews is the only key whereby one may understand the inner
nature and therefore the real aims of Social Democracy.
The man who has come to know this race has succeeded in removing from his
eyes the veil through which he had seen the aims and meaning of his Party in a
false light; and then, out of the murk and fog of social phrases rises the
grimacing figure of Marxism.
The Jewish doctrine of Marxism repudiates the aristocratic principle of Nature
and substitutes for it the eternal privilege of force and energy, numerical mass
and its dead weight. Thus it denies the individual worth of the human
personality, impugns the teaching that nationhood and race have a primary
significance, and by doing this it takes away the very foundations of human
existence and human civilization. If the Marxist teaching were to be accepted as
the foundation of the life of the universe, it would lead to the disappearance of
all order that is conceivable to the human mind. And thus the adoption of such a
law would provoke chaos in the structure of the greatest organism that we know,
with the result that the inhabitants of this earthly planet would finally disappear.
Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of
this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will
once again follow its orbit through ether, without any human life on its surface,
as it did millions of years ago.
And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the
Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the

handiwork of the Lord."

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