Monday, July 8, 2013

What is Left? and What is Right?

In Honor of the European Soldiers who marched around Jerusalem in 1099 today and the great Southern White men who took Hamburg, South Carolina back on this day in 1876 I want to write what may be viewed as more of a rant than an essay but I feel compelled to write it! Also to remember and to point to the absolute EVIL of the Jew we should remember that on July 8, 1932 the Dow closed at its lowest ever: 41.22 ironically, perhaps? the same day the Wall Street Journal first appeared in 1889!
Today as well as innumerable times in the past, whether in public places, at my various jobs over the years, at college, whether over-heard from others, from media, or conversations with family, friends, girlfriends, and my wife I am often disgusted or irritated by the basic lack of understanding about what being Left or Right Socio-Politically really even means and how while there are some basic ways to define its use historically in Europe and in America there is never any real solid definition that remains to work with over time.
In Europe beginning with the French Revolution those who opposed the Rights and Privileges of the Just Authority and Power of the King and His Court of Nobles were considered to be to the Left, and this comes from their places when meeting at Versailles for the Estates General of 1789-1799 supposedly. However one can obviously ask immediately were those for absolutism and those for constitutional-limited monarchy both on the right? Immediately the Left-Right divide is more than a duality it creates confusion and division of much greater variety with those who are "both left and right" those who see government and/or social doctrine as separated from the Left-Right paradigm and style themselves "Independent" etc. True this was not exactly what went on in France at that time in the sense of actual political parties but it did eventually develop into this from what were previously factions of representatives or leaders, seldom representing as real masses outside of Paris. "Remember the Vendee" always comes to my mind when discussing this disgusting Revolution.
This is basically where the European paradigm of Left-Right comes from, those who support the strength and power of a centralized-national State opposed to those who want limited government of various forms but, again, over the past two hundred years this has become very muddled and nearly useless as a paradigm.
In American history, not to get into an investigation of how or when the American Left-Right Socio-Economic paradigm came into vogue but it roughly is seen as those who support strong centralized State Rule at the Federal Government level are generally viewed as Leftists of some sort while those who want a strongly limited and small Federal Government and often this also means a limited and small State and Local government as well are viewed as Right.

Do I need to explain to my intelligent readers why both paradigms are divisive Jew-Masonic-Marxist garbage? Yet still, even the smart people who are Racially aware White Aryans, continue to use this label of Racist-Right!? WHY? Both in Europe and the U.S. what is Left and what is Right are defined by those, Jews, almost entirely! or the Judeo-Marxist-Masonic traitors undeserving of being called White! who deceive the masses. There is no reality to it at all. Sovereignty, Race, Tradition, Nation, and Social Justice, really defined and not how they are defined in today's media, are never really the prerogative of Left or Right or whatever or whoever thinks they are either. Were the Populists of William Jennings Bryan's days Left or were they Right? Were the Confederates of the South Left or Right? Were the National Socialists or the Fascists ever actually Left or Right? Before the American and French Revolutions were the Kings actually more like today's Left or Right? according to the European paradigm or American paradigm? keep in mind neither actually are still working and solidly defined paradigms anymore!
It is enough to make me want to open fire in rage!?
What is the point?
Sure we can, those of us awake and understand how and who is said to be Left or Right can talk about this loosely to communicate but on a formal or specific level it is absolutely destructive and confusing to say the least!
Fuhrer Prinzip, Social Justice, Moral Economy, National-Racial Sovereignty, and Stratification of society! No more Left and Right!

The Absolute Traditional Right of old school Monarchists in Europe and the extreme Paleo-Conservatives of the U.S. are both fragmented and worthless ever looking-backwards! Sure I can understand the feelings and beliefs of the French Catholic Legitimists supporting Louis XX or the Society of King Charles I or the Prussian Monarchists who guard the last Kaisers grave but to what end? As far as American Paleo-Conservatives, I can't stand them anymore and that includes Buchanan!
What is RIGHT are those who are RIGHT! and they are also the few, the remnant who are LEFT!
No more divisive-malicious paradigms! no more Jew-think!
Wake up and purge the demons, the Jew, from between your ears!
Do it lest the Wildes Heer that is coming count you among them!
Sieg Heil!

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