Sunday, July 28, 2013


Roughly a week ago on Freya's Day a brief but violent storm erupted above us in the early evening while I was visiting my brothers home and drinking some frosty lagers. I wish I had a camera handy but to describe it I would say it came upon us from the west southwest and looked like massive rolling mountains of blue and gray thunderheads. When it began its assault the cold rain hit at almost a 30 degree angle and the thunderous noise above was like what I imagined as a child would be the gods Wildes Heer riding above us in the heavens. As we stood outside and experienced the awesome power and saw the spectacle of the storm rocking the atmosphere violent as the trees hollered with their leaves and branches my thoughts turned to Wotan and Thor and Tyr and Njord and the Valkyries riding; to the halls of Valhalla and rainbow bridge of the Bifrost. To my joy and slight amazement after we went inside for a few minutes as the storm passed we returned outside to find the near-setting sun to the west shining and a double rainbow to the east! The gods had passed into Valhalla! As I viewed the Bifrost my brother was trying to snap photos of himself for his girlfriend with the rainbow in the background and then with the trees and his home in the background and in the process caught me in the background rapt with joy searching in the sky for Valhalla as I viewed the Bifrost rainbow bridge. I post this photo because it really captures, from what I see there, the Aryan drawn forth and outward nearly transforming my very appearance. Blessed with an overflowing cup in my heart does not say enough!
The photo above taken in the ancient Black Forest in Deutschland near Frieburg im Breisgau, Baden-Wurttemberg shows something of what I saw that day but the photo below, not sure where it was taken but it reminds me of the rainbow bridge described in Tibetan myth that the ancient god-kings descended and ascended on! Of course the Rainbow is significant and found in mythology throughout the Aryan world and in the Far East where either the people were originally Aryan or their cultures were founded by Aryans, OR possibly are another noble race. I very much tend to see those remaining Japanese of old noble lineage as possibly be this way. Shinto seems so close to ancient Aryan paganism of Northern Europe in so many ways. When people talk about the ancient Germans and Norse for example they tend to almost see as rough and dirty while pointing out the high level of Japanese emphasis on extreme cleanliness and purification yet when you look further into it you find that the Vikings, aside from their violence, were called vain for bathing everyday with soap and for combing their hair! 
What's the point? why write about this or care about this? Do you not see the obvious? Why not focus on current issues and the contemporary evils of this Kali Yuga? I certainly could do that and there is plenty for me to write about as terrible as these times are. But frankly I love my kids and I work and I prefer to spend time raising them right, educating them, and spending quality time with my wife and I support those who do the hard and stressful work of trying to wake up those who can in these quite terrible times. I want to remind and point to and express these thoughts and insights which come to me in Kairos time which oppose Kronos awakening on deeper levels those who can be. I have so much knowledge of the arcane and ancient and historical/philosophical/mythological/ideological of our race and others that I see connections and gain access to deeper wells inside my heart and mind that often others who are Jew-wise and Racially conscious do not readily have access to. This is not at all to boast or brag or build myself up as some kind of prophet or seer but I know what I know!
Those touched by the rainbow are drawn into the heavens and transcend the dark fog of this age where our people dwell spiritually in dark-cold mist of Niflheim. 
We should remember Nietzche's maxim "For a trees branches to reach Heaven its roots must go down to Hell!" We know the Hell we are living in and that the Anti-Krist Devil Jews are the masters of this final closing of the Kali Yuga. Our roots have reached Hell but we have to be set and direct ourselves outwards towards the heavens always seeking to reach there like the Elhaz or Algiz, the Life Rune!

The rainbows came after the violent storm passed and the Rainbow will appear again after the Gotterdamerung/Ragnarok as signaling and Blessing the reborn earth from the sea green and blue and beautiful after the flames and Baldr will return and those who survive will finally know a new age of Krita Yuga where the Aryan will reign supreme and free again!

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