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Belgium of the 1920’s and especially 1930’s was and today still is, divided largely between the Flemish and the Franco-phone Walloons. Flemish Nationalism was not really National Socialist or Social Nationalism but more of an older Nationalism of separation, national self-determination, and sovereignty, though, of course, these tiny countries are not self-sufficient and, thus, are never, unless they build empires, truly sovereign.
The Social Nationalism of Rex is a Catholic movement whose national and social doctrines and principles can be found rooted in the famous encyclicals Rerum Novarum of Pope Leo XIII and, to an lesser extent, Mirari Vos by Pope Gregory XVI and Quas Primas by Pope Pius XI. Rexism started as a youth movement and emerged as an anti-political parties party in 1936. The following sections by Jean Denis, the first man to put pen to paper and formulate Rexism, and General-Hero Leon Degrelle show that Rexism, like National Socialism in Weimar Germany, was a Populist movement seeking a ground swell of the masses to sweep the parasites at the top into the ocean while led by the truly great, Noble and Just men who then begin a “Revolution from Above”.  When you read or re-read sections from Mario Palmieri’s The Philosophy of Fascism  and then read these sections you can see the parallel’s immediately and you come to see the new paradigm that is Fascism, Social and Popular Nationalism, and that contrary to the Evolan criticism, it is not simply Bonapartism! If you read other writings of General Leon Degrelle which I shall link below, you can read why he remained a lifelong Knight in the service of Adolf Hitler who actually enacted and saw to the implementation of the social doctrines he believed in, that was promoted by Rexism and is basically what came from the Catholic social movements that drew from Rerum Novarum believed in and sought which many bishops and cardinals sat in pomp and wealth while either watching or collaborating with the Jew Capitalism Vampire draining the life from their flock!

Father Jean Denis
Rex is a movement, that is to say an active force carrying a current of ideas.
Rex is a revolutionary movement.
Rex is a popular movement.
The Rexist movement wants:
(a)the destruction of the parties which have arbitrarily divided the citizenry, consigning the nation to disorder, to extortions and to the uncontrolled rule of politicians ruled themselves by an anonymous oligarchy. This anonymous oligarchy, made up of those who really hold all powers in the country, manoeuvres in the shadows. It sways the vast herd of proletarianized citizens of all social classes, and, on the other hand holds at its mercy, by their stupidity and by their cupidity, the country’s political leadership. This anonymous oligarchy constitutes the only permanent and united forced over against the bickering, squabbling parties, which have never been as or as contemptible as they are today!
(b)the reconstruction of the popular community established on elementary moral foundations accepted by all. This popular community, Rex has started by restoring it within its own ranks. Within Rex and around Rex gather the men of all parties who understand that this regime is rotten, decaying, and that it must be replaced by something else – something lively, active, and capable of progress and of growth.

The concept of the individual which forms the erroneous philosophical foundation of the present regime, and which was born of the catastrophic ideologies of the 17th and 18th centuries, must be replaced by the concept of the human being, which corresponds exactly to the reality of man – a social being endowed with a fundamental dignity, which society can help develop, and with which it has no right to interfere. The human being thrives not by referring everything to itself in a vain and selfish individualism but, au contraire, by giving up the self and becoming part of communities.
The first community in which the human being thrives is the family.
The second community in which the human being thrives is the profession.
The third community in which the human being thrives is the cultural and linguistic community.
The fourth community in which the human being thrives is the national community.
All these communities combined constitute the popular community
The State must serve the popular community.
The role of the State is to serve the common weal, by maintaining peace among the citizens, and by promoting public prosperity. The role of the State is to direct, survey, stimulate, or curb, according to circumstances or to necessity. The role of the State is not to substitute itself to particular communities, much better fitted than it is to see that human beings flourish. By taking the place of particular communities, the State has ruined, destroyed, annihilated them and thus handed over, unprotected, the liberties and rights of the weak to the bad faith of the sly.
The Rexist movement wants:
(a)the destruction of all that which in the present regime compromises the existence of particular communities, suppresses their dignity – that is their functions and their social responsibilities. The congestion of the State must be relieved, so that it can carry out the functions peculiar to it more freely, more forcefully and more effectively.
(b) the reconstruction of particular communities, by a comprehensive series of measures designed to restore their position, their rights and their duties in the aggregate of the popular community. THIS IS WHY THE PROGRAM OF REX IS FAMILIAL, PROFESSIONAL, CULTURAL AND LIGUISTIC, NATIONAL.
The political regime under which we live recognizes neither the existence nor the rights of the family, the profession, or the cultural and linguistic community; it has lost even the concept of national community, which has been replaced by the contest of private interests.
We may as well say that what we need is no more nor less than a revolution, that is: to change the shape of things and re-create natural hierarchies indispensable to the welfare of man, which would be the revolution of Order. A Revolution of against a well-Ordered State is a revolution of disorder.* Our revolution against a disorderly state of affairs is revolution of Order.
Our first and essential goal is to re-create and to re-establish in their lost dignity the particular communities in which the human personality will be free to flourish. These communities are not based exclusively upon material interests. They are, above all, of a moral nature. But we believe that the moral order conditions all others, and that purely economic questions are above all social.
Before dealing with particular questions which interest a minority of people, it is necessary to consider the general questions which concern everybody. First we want PEACE and PROSPERITY.
Alone, and overly congested, before isolated individuals left to themselves, the State, as it exists at present, has shown itself incapable of ensuring either prosperity or peace. To secure peace and prosperity for all, we must begin by ensuring it – and, first and foremost by ensuring existence and dignity – to Families, to Professions, to Cultural and Linguistic Communities, to the National Community.
*Revolution of disorder: that is how revolution was traditionally defined before the contemporary era of disorder and Jew rule. Revolution was seen, correctly for the most part as from the Devil, Jewish and Evil like what happened during the Red Terror and Civil War in the Russian Empire turned into Soviet Union by wicked Jews predominantly.

General Leon Degrelle: THE MESSAGE OF REX
[note: at the time Degrelle was not yet a General nor had he served in any military capacity yet he was living in an environment and time when his political leadership, street activism and his publishing scathing critiques of powerful politicians and church officials, particularly the cardinal, put him a very dangerous position where he risked life everyday.]
All the past of the Belgian people, all our sensitivities, all our national life, go against a regime of violence and terror. To affirm that Rex wants a dictatorship is hateful lie against which we rise with all our heart and all our strength. Does the fact of having a leader imply dictatorship? There are, in that case, a great many dictators, from the leader of industry to the school principal to the head-cook. Dictatorship, as the mass of the people understands it, means the brutal, liberticide and uncontrolled rule of a people and a country. Rex will fight such a regime with all its power. But opposition to tyranny does not mean rejection of all authority. Authority may be necessary and beneficial. It must be based entirely upon a spontaneous trust. The Rexist State will be no more authoritarian than our movement is: the only disciplines it will establish will be based on the need to ensure cohesion of common endeavor. The Leader, in Rex, is the one who sees to the nation at all levels, not slaves or robots, but collaborators in a common task. The people has sought in vain these last fifteen years to make its voice heard, to say what it wanted, to learn what was wanted of it. But there is a divorce between people and power.
We are the true democrats.
We advance only carried by the will of the nation. It is the people of the nation alone who will bring us to power. It is the people of the nation alone who will maintain us there . . . No regime will ever base itself as much as ours upon the incessant adherence of the people. We shall multiply the contacts with it, over the air, on the screen, by mass meetings, by a truly truly total universal suffrage, and by means of popular referendums. Our regime will be strong, coherent, constructive, because it will be built upon the rock:* upon the faith of the nation. . .
Rex is the realm of total souls, which do not bargain, which will march straight ahead, certain of the road. This is the true Rexist miracle; this faith, this unspoilt, burning confidence, this complete lack of selfishness and individualism, this tension of the whole being towards the service – however ungrateful, no matter where, no matter how – of a cause which transcends the individual, demanding all, promising nothing.
In a century when people live only for themselves, Rex has taught hundreds and thousands of men to live no longer for themselves but for a political ideal, to consent for its sake and in advance to every sacrifice, every humiliation, every kind of Heroism!

 * the Rock here referred to is a direct reference to the confession and profession of St.Peter in the Gospel of St.Matthew 16:15-20 when he states that Christ is the Son of the Living God. The Roman Catholic explanation is two-fold stating that this is the foundation of Papal hegemony and infallibility but the other older understanding which is they also hold and is the sole explanation the Orthodox Christians (Russian Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox etc.) is that the confession of faith in Christ as the Truth, the Son of the Living God, is what makes one a rock because Christ is the Rock, the chief cornerstone into and onto one is built by confessing and professing devotion, faith, in Him. Though Leon Degrelle was Catholic his whole life he seems to be only using the second and more traditional explanation I provided above.

Degrelle, ever the devout Roman Catholic, receiving the Sacrament of Communion

Books by Leon Degrelle

(not online but good to order at the library or buy)

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