Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hyperborea - map of Gerard Mercator 1595

Vottovaara in Karelian Mountains

The Second Birth of Hyperborea by Valery Uvarov

Perhaps some will hate me for posting this, as if I should expect anyone to care at all about what I post here, but there are deeper reasons tied to Truth for the SS, particularly the Ahnenerbe going around the world notably Karelia, Iceland, Tibet, and Southern France among many other locations. I first became intrigued years ago when someone simply mused, "What in evolution accounts for why we look the way we do?" I assumed, ". . . oh you mean why we have no fur where the apes have fur and they have the least fur where we do?" But then a question that sparked an interest in me that has never died in spite of a lot of rather bad non-explanations given over the past several years, "NO!" he responded, "why do we have blue eyes or green eyes or grey eyes or auburn, and many other shades? and blonde hair from almost white to red and brown and many shades in-between? What possible reason would cause us to evolve that way? Why are we WHITE!?" I could tell he was absolutely upset by this question. I will not relate the rest of the conversation but to feel as if in some way woken up after being asleep, being a babe in the womb, for the past nearly twenty years, was amazing and has led to often nights with little or no sleep. Are we the only Beings who truly have an "I" we Aryans? Where did we come from? Who?
Your Ancestors cry to you from your Blood Aryans! Answer!

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